About Us

Glennon Capital was founded in 2008 by Michael Glennon. Previously, Michael worked with some of the best institutional small company fund managers in Australia. In 2007, he received the IMCA Money Management Fund Manager of the Year (Small Cap) Award. Michael founded Glennon Capital to offer specialist small company investment management to high net worth individuals and family offices, as well as through selective platforms for clients with less than $1 million to invest in our portfolios. Today, our flagship fund Glennon Small Companies Limited (GC1) opens up the investment opportunity for all. GC1's Initial Public Offering was completed in August 2015 and is now a listed investment company that is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). We are proud to be recognised for co-investing with clients in all portfolios - an important feature which ensures that our values and principles are aligned with those of our clients.

Our Values
  • We want to add absolute value
  • We want to be aligned with our clients
  • We want to our investment to grow with our client's investments
  • We want to communicate with our clients so they have confidence in our capability and to reassure them when markets are volatile
  • We want to think creatively and outside the box
  • We want to be long term and look through the noise
Our Philosophy
  • We believe the market shows varying degrees of inefficiency
  • We add value by concentrating our research efforts in areas where inefficiencies exit
  • We have found that larger companies tend to have better information flows, and as a result their prices tends to better reflect publicly available information
  • There are more opportunities in smaller¬†companies because they are far greater in number and there are structural inefficiencies in terms of the information readily available to investors
  • We take the view the we are buying businesses and that we are an owner of the business
What we look for
Superior Management
  • Track record of success
  • Skin in the game
Growth Prospects
  • Industry or market share
  • Revenue or margins
Sustainable Business
  • Without excessive debt.
  • A history of profitability
Industry with Barriers to Entry
  • Reduces competition potential.
  • Provides increased confidence
Undervalued Funds
  • Flexible use of valuation metrics